Supply List

If you paint sumi-e, you likely have all the supplies you will need.

Use unsized rice paper for the crinkle. Double Shuen, Ma and Pi all work. You can also use Masa if you have it (Masa is good for a crispier look for rocks. I like slightly thinner paper for more crinkles for tree branches.) Avoid very thin rice paper as you may break it during the process. Watercolors – All the colors you like for fall foliage in yellow, orange, red, and green tone; ultramarine blue for the sky/water; brown tones -Burnt Sienna, Raw Umbra, Yellow Ochre for rocks and mountains; White Gouache (for birch trees); Brushes – Old brushes of various sizes, have a small/fine one for branches and tree trunks; Small dishes for ink and colors, Hairdryer, Spray bottle, Paper towel, Water container; Felt (to protect your table).

Bonus Support

Extra resources for enrolled artists

  • One Year Access to Workshop Recordings

    Online access to workshop recordings for a year from enrollment.

  • Technical and Q&A Zoom Chat

    Invitation to virtual meetings of technical topics and open Q&A with Joan Lok.

  • Constructive Artwork Critique

    Share up to three pieces of your artwork for Joan's comments and suggestions.

Keep Strengthening Your Painting Skills

Paint along with Joan every month!


  • How do I sign up?

    Click on "Register" button. Enter your email address and set up a password. On the checkout page, enter your credit card to purchase the workshop. That's all.

  • Is the LIVE Workshop recorded?

    Yes, I will post the workshop recording shortly after the live event. Enrolled artists may access the recordings for a year. You can watch them from the "Dashboard" after you sign in with your email and password.

  • I heard about your popular Zoom Chat, will I be invited?

    Yes, as an enrollee of my LIVE Workshops, you will be invited to join my Zoom Chat. It is a 40-minute Zoom meeting on Saturdays from 11 am (ET) every two to three months. You can make suggestions for technical topics for me to cover. I send Save-the-Date when the dates are set, and will share the Zoom link the day before.

  • How do I change my credit card information?

    After you logged in, open MY ACCOUNT on the upper right. Pick BILLING on the menu on the left. EDIT and put in your new credit card information. Double check for accuraccy and SAVE. You are set to use the new credit card for payment.

  • Do you offer private or group workshops?

    I offer private or group workshops in-person and via Zoom, and will customize topics for you. I welcome inquiries from art clubs, libraries and schools. Please email me.

  • Can I share my log-in?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! I aim to keep the online course and workshops affordable. Login-sharing is prohibited. I reserve the right to un-enroll individuals without refund for usage abuse, and will pursue all damages and loss revenue the action may have caused.

Meet Joan

Joan Lok

I have been teaching sumi-e workshops for over 30 years. My art is a fusion of old and new, east and west, and the balancing play of yin and yang (positive and negative forces) to link Asian tradition to an adventurous, modern viewpoint. I am excited to share my favorite way of using expressive brushwork with you. Joan served as the President of the Sumi-e Society of America for 10 years, and taught Asian American Arts at the University of Maryland. Her book "Chinese Brush Painting: Flowers" is a best-seller in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Dutch. Joan has received awards from art competitions in the United States, Canada, and Japan. She resides in Florida, USA.